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About Baseball Regina

What is Baseball Regina?

Baseball Regina is a volunteer, non-profit organization which organizes baseball for Regina youth under the auspices of Baseball Canada and SaskBaseball. Baseball Regina’s goal is to provide each player with an opportunity to participate, learn and enjoy playing the game of baseball which will promote health, sportsmanship, team play and good citizenship.

Baseball Regina accomplishes this goal by dividing the city into floating zones referred to as Buffalos (South West), Pacers (South East) & White Sox/Blue Jays (North). Zone boundaries are determined each year based on registrations to ensure a balanced division of numbers for team selection. For Bantam and Pee Wee AAA, teams are drafted by a City-wide draft to provide the opportunity for players that are of AAA skill level to be playing AAA regardless of what zone they are located in. Baseball Regina organizes and equips the teams and coaches and provides facilities to play the game as well as scheduling games, tournaments and providing guidelines for player/team participation.

  Governing  body for amateur baseball in Canada   Establishes the rules for amateur baseball  Sponsors  regional and national championships Field  Canada’s National team

Governing  body for amateur baseball in Saskatchewan  Sponsors provincial tournament  Field Saskatchewan Select  teams Register and Evaluate  players

Provide player and coaches with training clinics and select and field teams. Provide coaches, equipment and uniforms. Provide practice and playing facilities

Baseball Regina – The Official Youth League
The federal government recognizes Baseball Canada as the official amateur baseball organization for Canada. Baseball Canada has an official affiliate organization in each province. In Saskatchewan that organization is SaskBaseball (formerly Saskatchewan Baseball Association).  SaskBaseball divides the province into eight zones. Zone 2 is the City of Regina. Baseball Regina is the official organization representing youth baseball for Zone 2 (Regina).
All Baseball Regina players are registered with SaskBaseball. Only registered players can compete in SaskBaseball sponsored tournaments and if successful the Western and National tournaments sponsored by Baseball Canada. Players that wish to try out for any SaskBaseball elite team must be a registered player with SaskBaseball.

Advantages of Baseball

  • Emphasizes skill, co-ordination, athleticism, team play and discipline
  • Permits players of varying size and both sexes to play on same team
  • Minimal body contact therefore fewer injuries
  • Every player gets to play offence and defense
  • Every player gets an equal opportunity to score
  • Minimum of equipment required to play, therefore less expensive  to participate
  • Outdoor activity Popular sport therefore most coaches have significant playing experience
  • Family oriented activity
  • Professional league exists that players can aspire to
  • Scholarships are available to the serious skilled player

Baseball Regina’s Approach to Baseball

Regina Baseball’s approach to baseball is the same as the one endorsed by Baseball Canada and its affiliate, SaskBaseball. Baseball Regina’s goal is to provide each player with an opportunity to participate, learn and enjoy playing the game of baseball. We believe a competitive approach accomplishes this as opposed to a purely recreational approach. We also believe that players participate more, learn better and enjoy themselves more when they are placed on teams with other players of a similar age and skill level.  Coaches find it more productive and enjoyable to instruct kids when their team is composed of players with comparable skills, abilities and commitment. Teams only compete with similar teams (age and skill level) in league play.
The age levels (division) are determined by Baseball Canada.  The age of the player at January 1 of the season determines the division they will play in.

Junior Rookies (5 & 6)
Rookies (7 & 8)
Mosquito (9 & 10)
Pee Wee (11 & 12)
Bantam (13 & 14)
Midget (15, 16 & 17)

Except for Rookies all players are evaluated to determine their skill level. The highest skilled players are placed on AAA teams, followed by AA and A. Players who are skilled enough to play at higher levels but do not have the commitment or desire to play at that level are allowed to participate at a lower level.

Typically there is only one AAA team in each division for each zone and often only one AA team. The majority of players will compete at the A level. Accordingly, there are more a level teams and travel is limited to teams within a 30 minute drive.  AA teams engage in league games with travel limited to 50 minutes, with the weekends typically being the furthest away teams.  AAA teams will play regular league games against other surrounding Cities. The season for all players starts early May. For A teams the season finishes at or near the end of June.  AAA teams in the Pee Wee and Bantam division may play regular league games till the middle of July with Provincials.

Advantages of Baseball Regina’s Program
Everybody is placed on a team at an appropriate level so that they have the best opportunity for succeeding and enjoying baseball. Depending on division level a 16- 22 game league schedule is set in addition to tournament and playoff games

  • Regular season is completed by end of June for A teams, mid July for AA and mid to late July for AAA (older the division the further into July).  AAA teams earning a berth into Western or Nationals will have play extended into mid August.
  • Quality coaching and instruction
  • Opportunities to compete at provincial tournament for ages Mosquito through Midget
  • Opportunities to compete at Western Canadian Championships for ages Pee Wee through Midget
  • Teams play as many different teams as possible within the City and surrounding area
  • Baseball Regina is a non-profit organization run by volunteers with all proceeds contributed towards facilities, uniforms, equipment and operations
  • Web site to provide all league information and on-line registration

Baseball Regina Executive

The Executive of Baseball Regina are appointed and elected at the General Annual Meeting to be held each year in the late fall/early winter. In this transition year of moving to the new Baseball Regina structure, two members from each of the four Regina zones shall be elected to an Executive position on the Board. After the transition period there shall not be any subzone representation requirement and any Executive position can be held by any member regardless of his/her residence. The current members of the executive are listed on the Contact page of this website.

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